Friday, October 14, 2011

The Expert Amateur Groomer: Tip #1 - The Rotating Detangler Comb

If you have a long haired dog or cat, this item is a 'must have.'  It's called a "rotating detangler comb."  You can use the phrase (must include quotes) in any search engine, or at Pet Supplies Plus, where it's called the tangler/wrangler comb.  I found mine over 3 years ago on ebay ( and after using it went back and bought 3 more because I was worried that the combs might break or I might lose them.

They are also available on (  There are now many types of these combs and come in multiple sizes.  As you can see from the differences between my comb (pictured) and the newer versions, these combs have come a long way in the past 3 years. 


This comb changed my life in grooming my 2 long-hair, double coated Tibetan Terriers.  It has tines that turn (or rotate 360 degrees) within a socket in a plastic base and the ends of the tines are blunt so as to not irritate the skin of your pet.  It's inexpensive (usually under US$10, always a plus) and slides through mats to a large degree unless your pet is so matted that it must be shaved because it would hurt too much to untangle the mats. 

After you bathe and dry your pet, or even if you don't do the bath first, start combing from the belly up, separating the hair in layers while feeling for any mats.  When you feel a mat, first try to comb gently through it.  If that doesn't work, then hold the base of the mat (close to the skin) with your fingers and use the comb to try to separate the hairs that have tangled to form the mat.  This may take some time, but if you are patient and your pet is as well, you will be spared having to cut the mats out using a mat splitter.  Most pets not only tolerate this type of comb, but actually like it once they are used to it. 
This is my comb, well-used, but still intact

So good luck in your attempt to use it and let me know what your experiences are.